Preparing for a new season in the pit lane

Monday 28th September   •   2009

Charlie George TV presenter

Hi, I’m Charlie and from March to November I am a pit lane presenter for Motors TV. This season I will be presenting the coverage for the GT Cup Championship, the Ma5da MX5 Championship and the MX5 Cup, as I have done for the past couple of years.


When it comes to racing these championships are at first glance about a different as it gets; one is for GT dream cars that are often worth more than my house and the others for relatively cheap and very cheerful Mazda MX5s. You’d be forgiven for thinking that they would be polar opposite environments to work in but despite their differences, the truth is that the racing is equally close and exciting, the organisers and competitors are equally passionate about the sport and both paddocks are fun and friendly places to be.


For me this time of year gets very hectic as the first races of the season approach, once the championship regulations and entry lists are released I can finally start doing my homework for the season ahead, that means studying entry lists, researching new drivers, cars and regulation changes and of course coming up with interesting links and features for the programmes.


Usually with a normal sized grid this would be a relatively simple feat, but all of the championships I work with seem to attract super-sized grids, perhaps it’s down to the great TV coverage!! In 2010 there was an average of 30 supercars on the grid for the GT Cup Championship and an unbelievable 63.4 car average for the Ma5da’s and both are set to be even bigger this season, so you can see why getting familiar with that lot takes a while!


This Sunday will be my first race of the season, The Ma5da MX5 Championship season opener at Silverstone. So this week I have been planning the programme with the production team, that includes deciding which drivers to interview, coming up with an interesting feature, and scripting some of my pieces to camera, although in racing things change so fast that often the script goes out of the window, that’s when good preparation comes in handy!


Any free weekends that I have this year will most likely be spent back at the racetrack supporting my husband, GT Driver Aaron Scott, he is racing a Ferrari 430 in the British GT Championship, a Dodge Viper in the British Endurance Championship and a historic Group C Spice in the Group C Racing series, needless to say he doesn’t have many free weekends between now and November either!


During the week life is just as busy for me right now, as well as being mom to Thomas, my gorgeous 3 year-old son, I also run my own video production company called producing promotional films for drivers and motorsports companies. In addition to that I just recently was appointed as the press and media co-ordinator for the GT Cup Championship and the new GT Trophy Endurance series, so between presenting, scripting, school runs and press releases, there really is never a dull moment these days!


So as I get ready to dig out the waterproofs for the weekend (please let the sun shine), I look forward to keeping you posted on track-side happenings from a presenters perspective throughout the season, until then here’s to a great start to the 2011 season and hopefully some exciting racing for all you lovely Motors TV viewers.


All the best,


Charlie x