Driving on Ice

Monday 1st March   •   2010

This weekend I finally got behind the wheel to learn about car control, never one to do things the easy way I decided that a good place to start would be an enormous frozen lake in Sweden.


After a two hour drive along snow bound lanes to rival any rally stage, we arrived at the stunning tree lined lake, I was assured that the thickness of the ice had been tested very scientifically… by some bloke with a drill! Nevertheless after some reassurance from my instructor, I pushed aside all concerns of diving and got on with driving.


Over the two day course I got to drive a variety of front and rear wheel drive cars around three different track layouts ploughed into the ice; a drift circle, slalom course and finally the ice circuit.


My experienced instructor made sure that I got to grips with the basics of oversteer and understeer before moving on to the art of left foot braking, I was amazed to learn that the fastest laps were usually the smoothest, the ones that felt spectacular with lots of opposite lock were generally spectacularly slow! 


The best thing about learning on ice, is that when the inevitable mistake happens you end up buried in a snow bank, at which point everyone else on the lake comes armed with their shovels to help dig you out, well until the third time when apparently you have to get yourself out…luckily I only ended up in there once so didn’t have to find out the hard way!


The whole experience was just incredible, the scenery was stunning and the driving was so much fun, definitely a weekend well spent, thanks www.racetuition.com for an unforgettable weekend.